Snowmobile Rentals

Snowmobile Rentals

Available Snowmobiles

  • 2023/2024 Winter: December 15, 2023 (snow permitting) - March 23, 2024

Beginner, intermediate, or advanced, we've got the right sled for you! Our knowledgeable staff will assist you in making the right rental choices.  We look forward to seeing you at Togwotee Mountain Lodge this winter! Prepare yourself for the ultimate adventure! Check out this year's sled inventory below.

How many people can go on a snowmobile? Only single or double riding permitted. All of our snowmobiles seat a maximum of 2 people. There is a weight limit of 500 pounds per snowmobile.

Snowmobile Rental Rates - With Guide

NOTE: Off-trail pricing varies based on skill level. 

Sled Type Best Use Half Day Full Day Minimum Age Max  People

Ski-Doo Touring Ace 600

(1 Person)

Trail $254.00 $329.00 16+ 1

 Ski-Doo Touring Ace 600

(2 People)

Trail $319.00 $398.00 13+ 2

Polaris 1000 Voyageur

Trail/Flat Powder $315.00 $414.00 21+ 1
Polaris 650 RMK Powder/Hills $384.00 $404.00 16+ 1
Polaris 850 RMK Powder/Hills N/A $434.00 21+ 1

Snowmobile Rental Rates - Without Guide

Sled Type Best Use Half Day Full Day Minimum Age Max People

Ski-Doo Touring Ace 600

(1 Person)

Trail $219.00 $294.00 13+ 1

 Ski-Doo Touring Ace 600

(2 People)

Trail $284.00 $363.00 13+ 2
Polaris 1000 Voyageur
Trail/Flat Powder $280.00 $379.00 21+ 1
Polaris 650 RMK Powder/Hills $270.00 $369.00 16+ 1
Polaris 850 RMK Powder/Hills N/A $399.00 21+ 1

Polaris 1000 Voyager Trail Sled

Wherever the snow is deep, the Polaris family of mountain snowmobiles are engineered to elevate the backcountry to ride in ways you've only dreamed about.

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Polaris RMK 850

The world's best mountain sled features the industry's best power-to-weight ratio to give the rider instantaneous lift and immediate response.

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Polaris Pro 650 RMK

Purpose-built for dynamic deep snow riding, the PRO 650 RMK features effortless control and deep snow performance.

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Ski-Doo Touring Sled

  • Trail Only, Easiest and most comfortable to ride
  • 2 Persons (double rider) or 1 Person (single rider)

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Leave it up to us to give you what you need to have the time of your life at Togwotee Mountain Lodge. Safety is very important to us and we recommend learning about the equipment and accessories we offer to our snowmobilers.

Try It & Buy It: If you buy an item from the gift shop, which was rented here first, we’ll deduct rental fees from your purchase. Visit the rental shop onsite for more information.

Please keep in mind snowmobiling can be a dangerous activity. The rental gear provided at Togwotee Mountain Lodge does not completely remove risk of injury. Proper precautions must be taken to ensure the personal safety of you and your group members.

Avalanche Beacon $10.00/day

The Backcountry Access Tracker avalanche beacon can greatly reduce the amount of time spent pinpointing, probing, and digging during an avalanche rescue. With directional lighting and digital distance readings, the guesswork of finding buried victims is eliminated. Our snowmobile staff will walk you through operation of these devices.

Avalanche Shovel $5.00/day

Portable Avalanche Shovels are made of lightweight plastic and aluminum. They are made to attach securely to the outside of a gear pack. Once the avalanche victim is located, using a shovel specifically made for snow will increase the speed of digging greatly, compared to digging by hand.

Avalanche Probe $5.00/day

Collapsible Avalanche Probes are easy to carry and fold to a compact portable size. These special poles are tubular steel that are joined together to make a snow probe up to 12 feet long. The benefit to using a probe during an avalanche rescue is locating the person quickly to save valuable time by avoiding digging in the wrong location.

Kneepads $5.00/day

Kneepads provide protection from injuries caused by falling from the sled and/or making contact with trees when riding in heavily wooded areas. Kneepads and knee guards feature impact resistant ABS plastic and perforated foam padding for increased airflow to help ease perspiration. Kneepads can make all the difference in the world in regard to comfort and safety on the snowmobile.

Backpak $5.00/day

The Lightning™ Pack, by True Adventure Gear, is a proven performer for the hardcore sledder. The backpack provides all-day comfort for exploring the backcountry. Securely carries avalanche probe, shovel, and other emergency gear and supplies.

Clothing $19.00/day

Togwotee Snowmobile Rental Shop provides head-to-toe snowmobile clothing to keep you warm and protected.

FLY Design jackets are Storm-Proofed with features such as: Protective Wind Flaps; Exclusive Pilltron Knit with programmed elastic memory to retain shape and prevent unwanted drafts; most styles are also equipped with a flexible Wind-Guard Cummerbund with adjustable snaps for comfort. The exclusive Weather-Tec Protective System has a layer of polar or Northern Fleece added to the lining to increase warmth by allowing body heat to circulate and moisture to evaporate as well as eliminating that chill associated with nylon lining.

FLY Design Bib-Pants feature Triple padded knee patches with Polar lining for maximum protection as well as our exclusive Weather-Tec Seat. This multi-layered waterproof seat with welded seams and Polar lining (on most styles) is guaranteed to keep you warm and dry.

What kind of rider are you? Identifying your skill level will help us put you on the ideal machine and provide an amazing Togwotee experience!


With a beginner tour it will start with detailed instruction on the operation and safe use of your snowmobile. Beginner tours are not boring tours! We will stop in meadows to allow the adventurous to "let er rip!" We will see unbelievable scenery in the Bridger-Teton National Forest with the potential of wildlife sightings. If you are looking to hone your riding skills and move up to the intermediate tours, our guides will give you pointers to help you progress.

  • Trail: Never been on a snowmobile, or been on a snowmobile only a few times.
  • Off-Trail: Has operated snowmobiles a few times but never in deep powder.


An intermediate tour is for those who already familiar with the operation of snowmobiles. Intermediate tours venture farther off-trail and travel at higher speeds on trail than beginner tours.

  • Trail: Rides sleds 5-10 times a year and can maintain speed and maneuver corners easily.
  • Off-Trail: Rides sleds 8-10 times a year, has been in some powder but not deep powder. May understand powder turns but cannot execute every time.


Advanced tours are for highly experienced riders. These tours are for regular snowmobile riders who are comfortable at high speeds for on trail tours, and are very capable off trail (for off trail tours). Advanced off trail tours require the rider to comfortably make powder turns and has some proficiency at side hilling.

  • Trail: Enjoys high rates of speed and rides 15-20 times a year, has owned or currently owns their sled. Can corner at high rates of speed. Feels comfortable on snowmobiles.
  • Off-Trail: Has ridden a sled in deep powder and can powder turn, side hill and hill climb. Not always able to execute side hilling and more technical powder turns through trees down hill.


Extreme tours are off-trail and REQUIRE solid proficiency at off trail riding. You could end up in a situation where side hilling for 100 feet could be required, or where downhill powder turns through tight trees are non-optional.

  • Off-Trail Only Classification! Owns sled or rides 20+ times a year in powder. Can side hill for 200+ yards or powder turn on a dime. Can powder turn down hill while maneuvering through trees. Enjoys all forms of backcountry from hill climbing to boon docking.