Off Trail Riding

Off Trail Riding

Chest Deep in Wyoming’s Backcountry

Togwotee Pass receives over 600 inches of light, powdery snowfall annually – perfect terrain for pushing your machine and your abilities to their limits. If you're an aggressive rider and enjoy extreme snowmobiling, join one of our advanced guided backcountry snowmobiling tours. Our seasoned guides live to ride the backcountry and are here to take you to the deepest powder – and maybe even teach you a thing or two about how the pros do it.

Deep Powder – Off-Trail Powder Performance Sleds:

Our Deep Powder - Off-Trail Performance Sleds are so nimble; it's an absolute thrill to ride. Throw it around like a pro. You just feel confident riding it. That's because its legendary m-chassis gives you ideal mountain ergonomics. Fly over the woops in the trail and feel the speed! It feels like part of your body. Plus it's lost another whopping 22 lbs. The sled features 153-inch long power claw track to climb the steep and deep, and running boards with diamond cutouts for better snow dispersal and foot traction. Raised mountain handlebars for carving and side hilling, and push-button reverse. Ride strong ride confident. Ride and believe!

We also offer sleds that are more suited to hill climbing and boon docking through chest deep powder. The ability of these sleds to powder turn on the slightest lean is amazing. These sleds are solid and take almost everything into consideration for mountain performance.