Our Guides

Our Guides

Jason Wright

Guide Since 1990

What is your favorite type of riding? 

Rolling hills, they keep you always thinking about throttle management. 

What is your preferred sled? 


Zane Meeks

Guide Since 2000

What is the best thing about our guests? 

Most have never seen snow let alone snowmobile through the high mountain trails. 

What is your preferred sled? 


Jon Lewis

Guide Since 2010

How is mountain riding different? 

There is lots of elevation change, lots of powder, and occasionally surprises hiding around the next corner. 

What is your preferred sled? 

Sled that doesn't break down. 

Jake Mangis

Guide Since 2014

Why do you guide at Togwtoee? 

It is my passion to be outdoors. 

What is your preferred sled? 


Pat Gaffney

Guide Since 2013

Why should a guest ride with a guide? 

Our knowledge of terrain and conditions; being out there regularly allows a knowledge that weekenders do not have, whether off trail conditions, terrain, snow conditions, avalanche danger, where wildlife may be encountered etc. 

What is your preferred sled? 

Whichever the rental shop lets me ride.