There are many hiking trails to explore right from Togwotee Mountain Lodge, including one to the top of Angle Mountain located behind the lodge and named after our founders, Al & Bertha Angle, who established the lodge in 1913.

To get you started, here are some trails to consider as you plan your hiking adventure:

Angle Summit Trail

After hiking Yellowstone & Grand Teton National Parks, explore the trails surrounding Togwotee Mountain Lodge. The Angle Summit Trail begins east of the trout pond at the end of the parking lot of the lodge. The trail is mainly a horse trail that is easy to follow. This trial will lead you past the Togwotee Overlook, which is ¼ mile above the lodge, and into the lower tree line above the pastures. Upon reaching the tree line, you will reach a junction with one trail breaking left and one breaking right. The trail to the right is the Blackrock Creek Loop; the trial to the left will lead you up to Angle Summit. This trail traverses through several open fields with a few steep switchbacks. It is 1.5 miles to the top and takes approximately 2 hours to reach the summit.

Angle Meadows Loop

Follow the directions to the Angle Summit Trail, pass the Blackrock Creek Loop Trail on the right and up into the meadows. Half way up the first meadow a trail will break off downhill and lead back to the Angle Trailhead.

Blackrock Creek Trail

Follow the directions towards the Angle Summit; turn right on the trail in the woods above the meadows. This trail will lead you along the base of Angle Mountain, across the highway and back along the horse trail to the lodge. This trail crosses “photograph hill” across from the lodge with grand views of the entire Teton Mountain range. This trail is 3.5 miles long.

Togwotee Lodge Loop

Cross the road to the trail by Blackrock and turn right. This trail will follow the ridge along the creek to a dirt road. There is no bridge to cross the creek in the summer. Cross back over the road and down the trail to the old Togwotee Pass Highway. Follow the road back to the cabin area behind the lodge.

Buffalo River Vista Trail

Follow the Old Togwotee Highway before the lodge, past the Angle Trail. Before the waterhole on the left a trail begins up hill on the right side of the road and an access gate. This road is big enough for a vehicle. Follow the road to a small pine stand with great views of the Buffalo Valley River. This road will continue through a short section of woods and into another small pine stand. In this clearing the road continues up hill and narrows. If you continue walking to the top of the hill and through a small rise of trees you will enter a field in view of the Angle Trailhead. Continue to the trailhead and down the driveway back to the lodge.